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Foreign Trade

Know-How and Expertise in Foreign Trade

The experience in logistics and foreign trade also makes Tradeworks a company specialized in the customs and tax areas providing technical and legal advice in the different aspects of the operations for which import and export companies require specialized support.

Customs Advising

Consultancy to meet the legal procedures of foreign trade and fiscal Operations


Exemption or temporary reduction of the Import Tax rate (I.I.) in Brazil

Tax Classification

Tariff classification to determine or revise the tax burden of products

Special Customs Regimes

Benefits of suspension or exemption of import and export taxes

Foreign Trade

About Tradeworks

We are a Customs Broker, specialized in International Logistics and Advisory in Foreign Trade. This means that our teams work in tune and strategically to assist our clients with the best management of processes, deadlines and costs in foreign trade.

shipments cleared on import and export
logistics projects (production lines, ships and trains)
hours of advice provided (AEO, Foreign Trade, Tax Classification and Special Regimes)
clients served throughout Brazil and from various segments

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