Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Assisting your company to become AEO

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a certification granted by the Brazilian Government to companies whose management processes minimize the risks that exist in their foreign trade operations and that demonstrate that they are committed to the criteria of Customs Conformity and Security of the Logistic Chain.

Brazilian Government Program is voluntary and objective adhesion, until 2019, to reach the goal of 50% of export and import declarations registered in the country by AEO certified companies.Brazilian government program

Who can apply for AEO?

The following actors in the logistic chain are eligible for certification:

What are the modalities of AEO?

AEO Security (AEO-S): Physical security of the logistics chain. Benefits enjoyed on export.

AEO Compliance (AEO-C): Compliance with tax and customs obligations. Benefits enjoyed on import.

Integrated AEO: Incorporation of consenting bodies, such as MAPA. (Still in pilot project phase, unpublished legislation).

What are the main benefits that can be enjoyed by Authorized Economic Operators?

How can Tradeworks help your company in AEO?

Joining AEO consultants and a modern process management system, Tradeworks works with:

Our online system provides total transparency of the process with the monitoring of project status, management of the responsible and activities, interaction and support with the consultants resulting in greater agility and quality in the certification of your company in the Brazilian Program of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

The AEO program also aims to replace the Blue Line Program, a program in which the Tradeworks team has accumulated a great deal of expertise, with a 45% market share in the qualifications, not to mention the dozens of monitoring audits carried out during the 10-year program period.



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