International Logistics

Agility and Efficiency

International Logistics is a set of actions that includes the planning, operation and control of the flow of goods or services that integrate from the contact with the supplier to the delivery to the final customer in another country.

How can Tradeworks help your company in International Logistics?

With a department that carries out the import and/or export activities taking care of the international logistics, we develop customized solutions to meet the door-to-door customers’ needs of the import and/or export processes, following from the purchase of the material and/or equipment until delivery to the destination with:


To control International Logistics routines, Tradeworks uses web platform and Oracle database systems, with the possibility of tracking online processes for customers, who can customize the frequency of shipments updates to receive, via email, as amended.

Also allow systems to generate files for data input in the client’s ERP, as well as import files as PO and invoice client system.



Our teams work in tune and strategically to assist our clients with the best process management, deadlines and costs in foreign trade.

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