Customs and Tax Advising

Tradition and Know-How

A Customs Advisory in Foreign Trade guides the companies in the correct execution of the procedures to meet the legal procedures of the foreign trade operations, as well as it acts in the identification of the special customs regimes under Brazilian law that can benefit the importer or exporter with the reduction or tax exemption.

And the Tax Advisory in Foreign Trade acts with the consultancy on import and export operations providing services of guidance and analysis of tax procedures provided in legislation.

How can Tradeworks help your company in Customs and Tax Advisor in Foreign Trade?

Tradeworks team is recognized in the market for competence and excellence in customs and tax advidor in foreign trade dealing in the different aspects of customs operations for which importers and exporters companies, in general, require specialized support with:



Our teams work in tune and strategically to assist our clients with the best process management, deadlines and costs in foreign trade.

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